We are happy to introduce to you another theme in our series of golden art-framed prints. This time we are presenting the Serenity Prayer text, overlaid on a choice of the various  nature prints in a lovely golden frame.

You have a choice of 6 different nature images (see above and below) of these magnificent golden art-framed prints, with an option of 2 different font sizes for each of the prints; with mat board enclosures and acrylic glass, which are set on high quality gloss paper, with a first class finish.

The world-wide known Serenity Prayer is used by many people of various walks of life, from top politicians to businessmen and the man in the street, to help them accomplish their goals in life.

These heart-warming messages can be a gift to give your children, friends or relatives, and show them how to reach out for serenity in our crowded lives. It can be given as a birthday, wedding or anniversary gift, or a present to a loved one who is struggling in life. You could also hang it in your own home and be reminded each day that life can be a simple walk, and not as complicated as we make it; while at the same time relaxing with such peaceful images of nature.

Click underneath any of the prints to order.

Click underneath any of the prints to order.

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